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Traveling performers such as Marching Bands, Drum Corps, Winter Guards and bands of all genres have unique needs for field backdrops. They must be easily transportable, easy to assemble, durable, reliable and once deployed make YOU LOOK GOOD!
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  1. These frames are designed and purpose built for the rigors of a competitive marching environment. In other words, if properly assembled they will not fail you...season after season.
  2. Design flexibility.  Make a simple backdrop. Make it 2 sided, 3 sided, 4 sided or 5 sided! Tilt the panel(s) as little or as much as you need!
  3. Our frames are the toughest in the industry. Assemble a frame and roll it end over end across a football field. It won't hurt it. And they will not rattle!
  4. Live in a breezy area? You can easily and simply load up to 450 lbs of weight to the base to manage breezes.**
  5. The display frames do not require center supports that show through and disturb the look of your media.
  6. The basic frame is held together with just 6 fasteners. Generally it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble and disassemble and they stack tightly into a truck.
  7. All Stage Optics components are covered with a 3 year warranty for defects. Including the casters!
  8. The frame corners create a smooth transitions removing the wrinkles and puckers from your display panel. The sturdy corners mean there is no need for center support bars. The base to display frame diagonal bracing means the display panel will never twist. Adjoined frames will always line up perfectly on the field!
  9. These kits are reusable. You can size them this season and change sizes next season. And you can deploy them in minutes!
  10. There are no edges around the outside perimeter of the prop frame that can snag clothing and equipment.
 Instead of having a metal fabricator build a frame that can not change, you can purchase EMT Thinwall Conduit in 10 foot lengths from the electrical section of you favorite home improvement store and built the frame to meet your exact size needs!
Three size ranges means you control cost because you buy only what you need. The Stage 1 Kit can create a frame that is up to 22 feet by 22 feet!* The Stage 2 can create a frame up to 12 feet by 12 feet and the Stage 3 Kit can be sized up to 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall. 
All Stage Optics frame pieces are hand crafted one at a time and quantities may be limited. Order early for best availability.
*Stage 1 Kits are made to order and need have a 90 day lead time. Frame sIzes greater than 12 feet require purchasing 20 foot lengths of 1 1/4" conduit that are not available at the big box home improvement stores. Check your area for electrical conduit suppliers that carry 20 foot lengths before designing frame sizes greater than 12 feet. 20 foot lengths of EMT conduit are not available in all areas of the country.
** The weighting system is not structural. The Stage 2 base is not designed to be a performance platform.

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